Noncompeting Grant Awards Under the Continuing Resolution


On October 30, the President signed Public Law 111-88, which includes appropriations for NIH to operate at Fiscal Year 2009 levels through December 18, 2009.

During this period, NIH will make noncompeting research grant awards at reduced levels, typically up to 90% of the previously committed level. This approach is consistent with our practice in previous years.

The policy affects research grants. Research training grants and fellowship awards will not be affected.

NIH anticipates that noncompeting awards will be adjusted upward once the level of the final appropriation has been established.

4 Replies to “Noncompeting Grant Awards Under the Continuing Resolution”

    1. Since we do not yet know what the NIGMS appropriation will be for fiscal year 2010, we are proceeding cautiously (balancing the desire to make awards in a timely fashion and the uncertainties regarding the appropriation). At this point, we have begun making awards for applications with outstanding priority scores and proximate start dates.

  1. By the way, are there many more R01 applications in the Oct/Nov cycle than previous years? It is said several months ago that many RC1 proposals would be converted to R01 proposals.

    1. The number of NIGMS R01 applications submitted for consideration in Fiscal Year 2010 has increased by approximately 15% over the number of applications in the corresponding period in Fiscal Year 2009.

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