Notice of Information on NIGMS Priorities for Sepsis Research

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At the recent National Advisory General Medical Sciences (NAGMS) Council meeting, the Recommendations of the NAGMS Working Group on Sepsis were presented. As one of our first responses to the recommendations of this working group, NIGMS has published a Notice of Information on NIGMS Priorities for Sepsis Research.

The Notice of Information provides potential applicants with details of specific research topics that are of special interest to NIGMS as well as those that are considered to be of low priority for funding.

If you have any questions about NIGMS Priorities for Sepsis Research, please contact me.

One Reply to “Notice of Information on NIGMS Priorities for Sepsis Research”

  1. Really nice work!

    It would be nice for interagency discussions of possible opportunities for Phase 1b trials being considered at the FDA in evaluation of new therapies for sepsis endotypes/phenotype identified by NIH funded studies ( Presently only Phase III trials are considered for sepsis as a whole rather than as smaller subtypes).

    Systemic inflammatory diseases outside of sepsis and infectious diseases outside of sepsis are already considered by the FDA in Phase 1b and phase II trials of subtypes/phenotypes/endotypes.

    This paradigm shift at NAGMS could facilitate the FDA to make a complementary shift for therapy evaluation

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