Instrument Development, Institutional Research and Academic Career Development, Xenopus Analysis

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You may be interested in these recent funding opportunity announcements:

Instrument Development for Biomedical Applications (R21)

Purpose: Solicit innovative applications for the development of new or improved instrumentation for biomedical research
Application due date: October 30, 2012
NIGMS contact: Fred Friedman, 301-435-0775

Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards (IRACDA) (K12)

Purpose: Develop a diverse group of highly trained biomedical and behavioral scientists through support of a traditional mentored postdoctoral research experience at a research-intensive institution combined with an opportunity to develop academic skills, including teaching, through workshops and mentored teaching assignments at a partner institution
Application due date: September 24, 2012
NIGMS contact: Shiva Singh, 301-594-3900

Genetic and Genomic Analysis of Xenopus (R01)

Purpose: Exploit and enhance the power of Xenopus as a vertebrate model for biomedical research
Letter of intent due date: 30 days before application due date
Application due dates: October 1, 2012; September 30, 2013; September 30, 2014
NIGMS contact: Susan Haynes, 301-594-0943

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