Seeking Two Branch Chiefs for the Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry Division at NIGMS


UPDATE: The vacancy announcements for these positions are now closed.

We’re recruiting for two accomplished individuals with interest and experience in the scientific areas that comprise the Biochemistry and Bio-related Chemistry (BBC) and the Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences (PPS) Branches of the Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry. Successful applicants will be responsible for scientific and administrative planning, evaluation, and management of one of the branches, along with supervision of program directors with portfolios of funded research and small business grants. Each Chief will additionally handle a portfolio of research grants consistent with his/her own scientific background.

The BBC Branch supports basic research in the areas of biochemistry, including enzyme catalysis and regulation, bioenergetics and redox biochemistry, and glycoconjugates. It also supports research in the areas of bio-related chemistry, such as organic synthesis and methodology, as well as bioinorganic chemistry, chemical and synthetic biology, and biotechnology.

The PPS Branch supports research in pharmacology, anesthesiology, and the physiological sciences. Studies range from the molecular to organismal level, including drug metabolism, interactions with receptors and channels, signal transduction mechanisms, and mediators of inflammation. The physiological sciences include clinical investigations of the whole body response to injury, trauma, and sepsis.

Applicants may be from within or outside of the government and should have experience and an advanced degree in one of the sciences underlying the research areas, as pertinent for the respective branches. Familiarity with NIH extramural funding as an investigator, reviewer, or scientific administrator is required, and proficiency with the NIH granting process is a plus. We’re also seeking those with an interest in mentoring and staff development, as appropriate for career stage. Outstanding written and oral communication skills are essential.

These positions will be included in the Global Recruitment for Health Scientist Administrators (HSA) at NIH that is scheduled to open on September 16. There will be two GS-15 HSA (Program Officer, Supervisory) vacancy announcements: one for federal employees (candidates with current or former federal employment status) and one for the public (candidates without such status). The NIGMS Tip Sheet [PDF, 78.2KB] on applications for global recruitments may be helpful. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact me to ask questions about these positions or Clau Gonzalez to inquire about the recruitment process.

If you’re not looking to join NIGMS right now, please help by forwarding this information to others who might be interested in these opportunities.

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