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Before his retirement in May 2012, Warren handled research grants in enzymology, particularly those concerned with the chemical and structural basis of catalysis, and he had a long-standing interest in metabolic engineering. He also managed post-award aspects of the NIH Director’s Pioneer Awards program and served as the NIGMS liaison for legislative affairs.

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Job Opportunity in Enzymology/Biochemistry


We’re looking for a program director (or “health scientist administrator”) to oversee grants and other activities related to enzymology and other aspects of biochemistry. The job is within the Division of Pharmacology, Physiology and Biological Chemistry. We hope to find someone who can work effectively in a team setting and who already has some independent research experience in this area or a closely related area of biochemistry.

For details, see the job announcement. Please forward this information to anyone who might be interested in the position and feel free to send me questions about the job.

The listing closes July 12, 2010.