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On February 1, the President released his budget request for Fiscal Year 2011. The proposed budget for NIH calls for an increase of 3.2% over the Fiscal Year 2010 enacted levels (not including funds associated with the Recovery Act). The proposed budget for NIGMS represents a 3.6% increase over Fiscal Year 2010.

A major contributor to the larger increase for NIGMS compared with NIH overall is that the budget calls for a 6% increase in stipends associated with Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards. NIGMS supports substantially more training positions than the average across NIH.

The release of the President’s budget request is the first step in the appropriations process, which includes Congressional hearings and culminates with the passage and signing of a bill that appropriates funds for NIH.

We recently posted our Financial Management Plan for Fiscal Year 2010. Among the plan’s key elements are increasing the average size of a competing research project grant by approximately 2%, reducing noncompeting awards by 1% and increasing stipends on National Research Service Awards by 1%.

4 Replies to “Budget News”

  1. Has NIGMS made funding decision on those R01 grants submitted in the Feb 2009 round? If not, when do you expect that the funding decision will be made?

  2. Dr. Berg-
    Thank you for the update. Year 2 of my R01 was cut from $205K to $184K when the continuing resolution was in effect. Will I see a restoration (-1%) and when might this occur? Thank you, Derek Abbott

  3. Anonymous: Now that the NIH appropriation for the current fiscal year has been enacted, we are making funding decisions about applications that have been approved by Council. Contact your program officer for information about specific applications.

  4. Dr. Abbott: We are currently working on restoring funds to all non-competing grants that had been funded at 90% of the previously committed level. We expect to have the revised awards completed within the next four weeks.

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