A Call for Scientific Images

NIGMS Image GalleryHave you seen the NIGMS image gallery? We’d love to feature your work there.

The gallery contains photos, illustrations and videos that showcase NIGMS-supported science. It’s a place where teachers, students, journalists and even I go to obtain images that help people understand and appreciate biomedical research.

If you have interesting or striking images or videos created with NIGMS support, please e-mail me! We prefer entries without copyright restrictions (i.e., never published or for which you retain the copyright). Images in the gallery are freely available for educational, news media or other informational purposes.

You might also consider entering the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge Exit icon sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Science. Entries, which are due by September 15, can include photography, illustrations, informational posters and graphics, interactive games and non-interactive media. They can be pedagogical, playful or just plain pretty. Winning submissions will appear in a February 2011 issue of Science and will be featured online by Science and NSF. Let me know if you win, so NIGMS can feature the image, too!

I have judged this competition for the past 2 years and can give you more details if you’re interested.

2 comments on “A Call for Scientific Images

  1. Many thanks to all of you who submitted images and/or videos in response to my post. We are continuing to grow our image gallery, so feel free to send me images or videos at any time.

  2. Very cool looking images! I think this is an entire realm of photography. I am a nature photographer and love to take pictures. The closest I have come to images such as these is macro photography. My son is interested in science and I would like to invest in a microscope that I can adapt to my SLR, then maybe I would submit some images from our nature trips in the forest.

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