Apply for a Scientific Review Job in NIGMS


We’re advertising for a scientific review officer to oversee the peer review of applications for a broad range of research and training programs, including programs aimed at increasing the diversity of the scientific workforce. We particularly seek someone with expertise in biochemistry, biophysics, computational biology and bioinformatics, and/or pharmacology to join our busy and interactive scientific review team, but the job involves setting up and managing review groups across the entire range of biomedical, clinical and behavioral fields we support.

For details on the position and application process, see the NIH HSA Web site. The vacancy announcement closes on March 14, 2011.

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  1. Not directly relevant to this announcement, but I’ve been wondering how could someone apply or volunteer for a reviewer (review panel member) assignment? I’ve been long interested in getting involved in the grant review process and sent my CV earlier to an NIH officer, but never heard back anything about it. Could you please direct me to the right person?

    Thank you!

    1. To volunteer for review, you may have your institution or professional society add your name to the list of recommended reviewers they submit to the NIH Center for Scientific Review, or you may contact a scientific review officer in your area of expertise and volunteer directly.

      Another way to volunteer is by sending an e-mail to those coordinating efforts to enhance peer review at NIH.

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