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In my first post as NIGMS director, I discussed the need to develop a new strategic plan to guide our efforts to ensure that we invest taxpayer money as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Since the publication of our previous strategic plan, the Institute has gone through some major programmatic, organizational and staffing changes. We’ve worked to rebalance our portfolio and bolster our commitment to investigator-initiated research.

To begin the new strategic planning process, we formed a steering committee and the following subcommittees:

  • Research Funding Policies and Mechanisms
  • Training, Education, Workforce Development and Diversity
  • Capacity Building, Research Resources and Technology
  • Communications and Outreach
  • Management and Business Processes

Each subcommittee developed goals and objectives within its area of responsibility. The steering committee then consolidated this material into a draft statement of broad goals and objectives. As we work on developing our specific strategies and finalizing our plan, we’d like to hear your comments and suggestions.

You may give input using the online form (no longer available), which provides the option to remain anonymous, or via e-mail.

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  1. I attended Dr. Lorsch’s presentation at the 2014 Yeast Genetics Meeting hosted by the GSA in Seattle in late July. I wanted to give strong positive feedback on the strategic plan and on the idea of changing the funding and review mechanism from a focus on project-oriented grant applications to investigator/research-based (I didn’t see mention of this in the strategic plan materials online, but am interested to learn more about it). I’ve never been funded by NIGMS, though my work portfolio squarely fits there. I also noted objective 3-2 in the strategic plan. I’ve developed a technology that I would like to discuss regarding funding opportunities for making it ‘turnkey’ and for disseminating to other interested researchers. Your strategic plan resonates with me. I found it complete, concise, and properly focused. I’m interested to learn more, and willing to help in any way I can.

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