Comment on Potential New Resources for Protein Expression


We support a variety of resources for biomedical research, and we’re considering a new addition: one or more facilities for protein expression. These resources would offer protein expression expertise and high-throughput expression capability for the benefit of the entire research community.

We just issued a request for information (RFI) seeking input on the needs within the biomedical research community for such resources and the types of protein expression services that would be most beneficial. Examples might include the expression of proteins from a large number of sequences, orthologs and homologs; prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein expression; and expression for special needs, such as for large numbers of mutants, proteins requiring anaerobic expression, and the incorporation of nonproteogenic amino acids like seleno-methionine.

We’re also interested in your ideas and comments on:

  • Novel collaborative approaches.
  • Types of expression issues that are hard for a single laboratory to tackle.
  • The scope of potential protein expression research methods.
  • Strategies to use these resources to accelerate progress toward findings that will have a scientific and public health impact.
  • Further suggestions you might have related to this topic.

To respond to the RFI, send an e-mail to by May 15, 2015.

If you have any specific questions about the RFI, please let me know.

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