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UPDATE: The slides [PDF, 1.42MB] and video Link to external web site from the R01/R21 Webinar have been posted.

We’ve just re-issued two funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) for technology research and development grants that support biomedical research areas within the NIGMS mission.

They are:

Exploratory Research for Technology Development (R21)
Two-year grants that support innovative, high-risk concepts for developing a new technology or radically improving an existing one. The R21 supports only novel concepts that haven’t yet been tested for feasibility. Thus, unpublished data are not allowed. Because proof of concept must not already be developed, NIGMS expects the projects to be high risk.

Next application receipt date: June 16, 2019

Focused Technology Research and Development (R01)

Four-year grants that support development projects to validate and optimize a new technology. The R01 is for technologies that already have been shown to be feasible but need further technical work to produce a useful prototype. Projects with partial demonstration of feasibility but with substantial risk remaining could be submitted as a 3-year R01 with a reduced budget under this FOA.

Next application receipt date: June 5, 2019

For both the R21 and R01 programs, we’re seeking inventive technology that significantly advances the state of the art. Examples would include instruments, devices, processes, algorithms, software, chemicals, biomolecules, or cells that have potential value for enabling new basic biomedical research. Applicants should not include use of the technology to solve biological questions in their applications. The research plan should be rigorous, with defined objectives.

Neither FOA will support testing new biological hypotheses, but we encourage validation with well-characterized models or gold-standard biological samples. Once the technology is ready to be applied to answer untested biological hypotheses, the application should be submitted to the Parent NIH R01 FOA.


Years of support
3 to 5
Novel and innovative
Innovative with future utility
Not yet tested
Already established
Unpublished data
Not allowed
Final objectives
Proof of concept
Working prototype


Applications should:

  • Show significant advance over state-of-the-art technology
  • Have future utility for NIGMS-funded research
  • Have rigorous research plans and defined intermediate and final objectives
  • Exclude untested biological hypotheses, which won’t be funded

You can learn more about these programs on our Biomedical Technology webpage. Standard application due dates apply. If you have any questions about these funding opportunities, please email We’ll also host a webinar to discuss these new programs. See details below.

NIGMS Technology Development Webinar

Join us to learn more about our technology research and development R21 and R01 programs. During the webinar, NIGMS staff will provide a broad overview of the programs and will share expectations of applications for the upcoming receipt dates.

Tuesday, May 14, 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET
Learn More

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