Seeking Branch Chiefs for the Division of Biophysics, Biomedical Technology, and Computational Biosciences


UPDATE: These positions are now closed.

We’re recruiting for two branch chief positions within our Division of Biophysics, Biomedical Technology, and Computational Biosciences (BBCB). Applicants should have interest and experience in the scientific areas that comprise the Biomedical Technology and the Biophysics branches. Job responsibilities include scientific and administrative planning, managing, and evaluating one of the branches, along with supervising program directors with portfolios of funded research grants. Each branch chief will also handle a portfolio of research grants consistent with their own scientific background.

The BBCB Division supports 1) the development of biophysical and computational methods and tools for understanding basic biological questions; 2) physical and theoretical methodologies, bioinformatics tools, and sophisticated quantitative approaches to lay a foundation for advances in disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention​; and 3) the creation of innovative tools and new technologies for the study of macromolecular, cellular, and organelle processes and function.

The Biomedical Technology Branch focuses on developing innovative technologies for biomedical research that include computational infrastructure, molecular and cellular imaging and dynamics, and technologies to elucidate structural and functional biology, as well as biomedical technology research resources.

The Biophysics Branch supports biophysical research that focuses on developing and applying physical and theoretical techniques to biological problems from the molecular to cellular level of organization, and applying engineering science and technology to the development of improved methods of measurement and analysis for physiological and biomedical research.

Candidates should have expertise in any area of research supported by the branch to which they’re applying. Experience as an NIH scientific administrator is a plus and outstanding written and oral communication skills are essential. Candidates should have an interest in supervising and mentoring a team of program directors and serving as a leader within the Division and the Institute.

These positions are being advertised as part of the NIH global recruitment for Health Scientist Administrators. The vacancy announcements will open on November 9 and close on November 13. Please visit the NIGMS job vacancies webpage to access the applications. Candidates who complete the application process are strongly encouraged to separately send a letter of interest and CV to

In preparing an application, the webpage on applying for scientific administration jobs at NIGMS may offer other useful information. You may also find the NIGMS tip sheet [PDF] for global recruitments helpful.

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