Wanted: NIGMS Program Directors for BBCB and PPBC


UPDATE: These positions are now closed.

We’re recruiting two accomplished scientists for positions in our Division of Biophysics, Biomedical Technology, and Computational Biosciences (BBCB) and our Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry (PPBC). The successful applicants will be responsible for scientific and administrative management of a portfolio of research grants, and will stimulate, plan, advise, direct, and evaluate program activities related to their field of expertise.

The BBCB position is in our Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Branch, which supports bioinformatics and computational approaches that join biology with the computer sciences, engineering, mathematics, biostatistics, and physics. The Branch collaborates with other parts of NIH on the Data Science and Smart and Connected Health initiatives, and with the National Science Foundation to support a program in mathematical biology. Applicants should have a doctoral degree and experience in developing and/or applying computational approaches to biomedical problems. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, computational and mathematical biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, biomedical data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The PPBC position is in our Biochemistry and Bio-related Chemistry Branch, which supports research studies in enzymology, bioenergetics, glycochemistry, synthetic method development, biosynthesis, oxidative stress, and synthetic biology. The position requires stewardship of grant awards related to investigations of metalloenzymes and metal transport. Applicants should have broad expertise in biochemistry, familiarity with modern experimental methods, and experience in applying this knowledge to biological systems.

For both positions, familiarity with NIH extramural funding as an applicant, reviewer, or NIH scientific administrator is a plus, and outstanding written and oral communication skills are essential.

The positions are included in the NIH global recruitment for Health Scientist Administrators. There will be two GS-12/13/14 Health Scientist Administrator (Program Officer) vacancy announcements for each position: one for federal employees (candidates with current or former federal employment status) and one for the public (candidates without such status). The announcements will open on January 18 and close on January 27.

For additional information about these positions, visit our job vacancies webpage to view the announcements. We encourage all interested candidates to contact Paul Brazhnik with questions about the BBCB position and Miles Fabian with questions about the PPBC position.

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