Funding Opportunity: Optimization of Data Storage and Utilization for the Sequence Read Archive


We’re pleased to announce a new notice of special interest (NOSI) (NOT-GM-23-015) addressing the urgent need for cost reduction of the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) data storage and utilization.

The SRA, hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Library of Medicine (NLM), contains a broad collection of raw DNA and RNA sequencing data that continues to grow exponentially. In an effort to reduce the cost and identify efficient solutions for SRA data, NIGMS has partnered with NLM and NIH’s Office of Data Science Strategy to support research on ways to optimize SRA data compression and representation.

The NOSI promotes research and development in biomedical computation and technology focused on assessing current SRA data compression and storage strategies, and developing novel SRA compression and/or low-cost formats and tools. Applicants with expertise in computer science, bioinformatics/computational biology, software engineering, and tools development are encouraged to apply. Applications can be submitted through any participating funding opportunity announcement (FOA) indicated in the NOSI.

In responding to this notice, applicants must select the appropriate institute or center and associated FOA and adhere to the due dates specified for that FOA.  

If you have any questions about this NOSI, please contact Jean Yuan.  

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