Administrative Supplements for NIGMS Training, Research Education, and Career Development Grants to Develop Curricular, Training, and Evaluation Activities


To continue our efforts to modernize biomedical research training and career development, we invite eligible institutions with NIGMS training (T32, T34), certain research education (R25), or institutional career development (K12) awards to apply for administrative supplements to develop and implement curricular, training, or administrative activities to enhance:

  • Laboratory safety curriculum and a culture of safety in biomedical research training environments (NOT-GM-22-010)
  • Safe and inclusive biomedical research training environments (NOT-GM-22-011)
  • Undergraduate biomedical research training (NOT-GM-22-012) (T34 and R25 undergraduate programs only)
  • Program evaluation capacity (NOT-GM-22-013)
  • Mentoring in the research training environment (NOT-GM-22-014)
  • Wellness and resilience (NOT-GM-22-015)

Grantees should consider the following before applying:

  • Potential applicants should check the eligibility of programs in each notice.
  • Eligible awards must be active on May 31, 2024, or thereafter.
  • Awards in a no-cost extension are ineligible.
  • Applications are due by March 15, 2023.
  • Only one application will be accepted per institution per area. We expect institutions with two or more eligible grants to develop a single application proposing activities that are broadly applicable to individuals in all their programs. Institutions that received funding in a topic area are no longer eligible for funding in that area.
  • If applying in more than one area, institutions must submit separate applications.
  • Applicants should use the Agency Routing Identifier (section 4.b. described in the application guide) to indicate the area as specified in the notices.
  • There’s a budget cap of $80,000 in direct costs per award, and the funds from the supplement must be used within 1 year from the supplement award date.
  • Funds from this supplement cannot be used to support trainee stipends or tuition (T32 or T34), participant costs (R25), or scholar costs (K12).
  • Applicants must apply electronically through Applications won’t be accepted in other ways.
  • Supplement awardees are expected to present an overview of the funded activities, outcomes, and progress in incorporating these activities into the ongoing program(s) at the meeting organized for program directors/principal investigators of NIGMS Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity programs.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss potential requests with their NIGMS program director before submitting a supplement request. Contacts for each area are provided in the notices listed above.

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