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Trained as a biochemist and molecular-cellular biologist, Manas is a scientific review officer in the Scientific Review Branch, Division of Extramural Activities. He coordinates the review of a wide range of applications for research capacity building and program project grants in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, cellular biology, and molecular biology.

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A Primer on NIGMS Research Capacity Building Opportunities

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Now that you understand the major types of research project grants NIGMS supports and where to apply, let’s discuss our Institute’s funding opportunities that focus on research capacity building.

What Is Research Capacity Building?

Part of NIH’s mission is to increase the participation and representation of researchers at institutions that don’t receive large amounts of NIH funding. This includes institutions that have partnerships with Tribal organizations and that educate students from backgrounds underrepresented in biomedical research, and those in states and jurisdictions that traditionally have low levels of NIH funding.

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