NIGMS Administrative Supplements for Helium Recovery Systems

We’re offering administrative supplements to NIGMS-funded P20, P30, P41, R01, R35, R37, and RM1 awards for the purchase of helium recovery systems. The deadline for these supplement applications is August 5, 2019.

Note that:

  • These funds are intended for the purchase of a single system with requested direct costs up to $250,000.
  • The requested supplemental budget cannot exceed the total-year direct cost amount of the parent award. Applications may not include requests for future-year funds.
  • For these supplements, we request one application from an NIGMS grantee on behalf of all active NIGMS-funded researchers at the same institution whose projects make use of helium-cooled, magnetic resonance instrument(s) (i.e., NMR, EPR, MRI).
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