Author: Dr. Michele McGuirl

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Michele, a former associate professor of biochemistry, manages biophysics grants focused on protein folding mechanisms and kinetics; protein aggregation and other protein-protein interactions; phase separations; and the role of structural dynamics in protein function, folding, and allostery.

Posts by Dr. Michele McGuirl

Changes to COBRE Phase 1 and Phase 2 Awards and Applications


We’d like to call your attention to a pair of recently published notices (NOT-GM-20-042 and NOT-GM-20-043) that address the unfavorable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on institutions’ ability to recruit faculty investigators. In response to this, we’ve reduced the minimum number of research projects required for our Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Phases 1 and 2 from three to two. Additionally, we’ll allow budget increases for recruitment costs and pilot projects. These changes apply to active awards and to applications submitted for new Phase 1 (PAR-19-313) and Phase 2 (PAR-19-312) funding opportunity announcements.

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NIH and DOE Partner to Host Bioimaging Webinars


UPDATE: The slides from the NIH-DOE webinars are now available on the Advanced Bioimaging Capabilities and Biomedical Research Opportunities webpage.

NIH and the Department of Energy (DOE) support national centers and dedicated instruments for high-resolution bioimaging at national facilities including:

  • X-ray microscopy and tomography
  • 3D electron microscopy
  • cryo-electron microscopy
  • infrared imaging
  • light microscopy
  • live cell imaging
  • image analysis
  • dynamics
  • computing
  • software development
  • data management

Recognizing that new directions in science are often launched by innovative tools and methods as well as new biological concepts, the agencies also support the development of novel bioimaging tools and methods at these centers and in the laboratories of independent researchers.

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