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Interested in new methods for improving the speed, cost and success of protein structure determination? Want to learn more about how to use structural and biophysical methods to functionally characterize macromolecules? Then consider attending our 10th annual Enabling Technologies in Structure and Function workshop from April 19-21, 2010, on the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD. There’s no registration fee.

As in years past, the 2010 workshop will cover all the practical issues concerning protein structure determination and biophysical methods. Presentations will focus on topics such as protein structure and function, hybrid methods, bioinformatics and homology modeling, and crystallization methods for soluble proteins and membrane proteins. In addition, we’re offering two hands-on workshops on methods for solving difficult crystallization problems and tools for mining the rich structure and function databases for biological macromolecules. There will also be a poster session.

We build the oral sessions from attendees’ submitted poster abstracts, so we will continue to finalize the agenda in the coming weeks.

The program is very student-friendly, and we welcome scientists involved in structural efforts abroad. Please feel free to forward this note to anyone who may like to attend.

2 Replies to “Register for 2010 Structure and Function Technologies Workshop”

  1. Is there any more information available on the talks? The ‘TBD’ doesn’t really sell it to me. While I understand you want to be flexible, surely people need this information soon to decide whether to book flights and hotels?

    And do you have your 2009 slides available? The NIH Roadmap meeting on Membrane Protein Technology has most of its talks available, and it certainly looked to be a worthwhile meeting from an all-star line up. And this year’s roadmap meeting looks to be exciting too with an experimental IT set-up to produce a dynamic and interactive meeting. Are we going to get this at the Enabling Technologies meeting?

  2. We have traditionally put the talks together from submitted abstracts, so only the general topics are available until about two weeks before the meeting. This allows us to select the most interesting and most recent work. If there are particular presentations you’d like to see, please let us know.

    Thank you for asking about past presentations. Since you submitted your comment, we have worked with the PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase to post last year’s presentation slides.

    What exactly do you mean by an “experimental IT set-up to produce a dynamic and interactive meeting”? We’re not planning to have a live webinar.

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