NIGMS-Managed HIV/AIDS Research Transitioning to NIAID


For the past few months, NIGMS has been reviewing its HIV/AIDS grant portfolio. As the HIV/AIDS field has matured and the necessary research directions have become clearer, the HIV/AIDS-related grants we’ve supported have, appropriately, become more narrowly focused. Because of this, and after close consultation with leadership at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), we’ve concluded that it’s in the best interest of the research to transition NIGMS’ HIV/AIDS portfolio to NIAID to allow improved scientific coordination, prioritization, and efficiency of management.

The HIV/AIDS budget is separate from the general NIGMS appropriation and thus transferring the HIV/AIDS portfolio, along with the funding, to NIAID will not adversely affect NIGMS’ ability to support research in our mission areas, nor will it diminish the overall funding available for HIV/AIDS research. NIAID has a strong commitment to basic research related to HIV/AIDS and the expertise necessary to manage grants in these areas, including in the structural biology of HIV and related immunology.

Grants related to HIV/AIDS that are not supported by the HIV/AIDS budget, including those funded by the Institutional Development Award (IDeA), Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH), and the Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) programs, will not be affected by this change and will remain at NIGMS.

This transition is effective for applications received for funding consideration and active awards with pending non-competing continuation funding commitments. Accordingly, HIV/AIDS applications submitted for the May 7 AIDS and AIDS-related applications due date will not be accepted by NIGMS for funding consideration but will instead be referred to NIAID. NIGMS grantees with active HIV/AIDS awards that will transfer to NIAID will be contacted by NIGMS and NIAID staff with further information regarding the transition. For more information, see NIH Guide Notice NOT-GM-19-039.

Also read a blog post about the transfer by NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S. Fauci.

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