Request for Information on Human Biospecimens for Research on Sepsis


NIGMS wants to advance our understanding of sepsis in order to accelerate improved diagnosis and treatment strategies. Based on the recommendations of our National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council Working Group on Sepsis, we intend to continue our support of fundamental discovery and mechanistic science relevant to sepsis. We recently identified the Institute’s specific priorities for sepsis research in an NIH Guide notice (NOT-GM-19-054). Additionally, the Working Group recommended that NIGMS encourage the use of human clinical materials to facilitate more rapid progress toward better identification, staging, and endotyping of the disease.

Through a request for information (RFI) (NOT-GM-19-057), NIGMS is seeking stakeholder input on strategies for acquiring and providing access to biological/clinical materials from humans for use in mechanistic studies of sepsis, either from already existing repositories or any to be created. We encourage comments that address the opportunities and challenges in collecting, organizing, maintaining, and sharing human biospecimens for use in studies to understand and eventually prevent or control sepsis.

Responses to this RFI will be accepted through November 15, 2019. All comments will be anonymous and must be submitted via a web form Link to external web site.

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