NIGMS Resources on Rigor and Reproducibility


I’d like to remind the NIGMS community of our clearinghouse site of materials designed to teach rigorous experimental design and enhance data reproducibility. There, you’ll find links to a number of online resources including:

  • NIH-developed modules on integral aspects of rigor and reproducibility in the research endeavor, such as bias, blinding, an exclusion criteria
  • The Big Data to Knowledge program’s virtual lecture series on the data science underlying modern biomedical research
  • A 6-week iBiology course designed for students and practitioners of experimental biology
  • Rigor and reproducibility training modules from the Society for Neuroscience
  • Grantee-developed courses on topics such as experimental design and analysis, controls in animal studies, computational tools for reproducible science, and more

I encourage you to visit this page and share the featured resources with your colleagues and trainees so that they are aware how crucial it is that the results of NIH-supported biomedical research are reproducible, unbiased, and properly validated. You may also want to review NIH’s Rigor and Reproducibility web portal for additional guidelines, instructions, and resources.

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