Funding Opportunity: Predoctoral Basic Biomedical Sciences Research Training Program (T32)


We’re pleased to announce our Predoctoral Basic Biomedical Sciences Research Training Program (T32) notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) has been reissued (PAR-23-228). This NOFO continues our support of eligible, domestic organizations to develop and implement effective, evidence-informed approaches to biomedical graduate training and mentoring that will keep pace with the rapid evolution of the biomedical research enterprise. We expect that the proposed research training programs will incorporate didactic, research, and career development elements to prepare trainees for careers that will have a significant impact on the health-related research needs of the nation.

The new NOFO has some changes from previous versions:

  • Changes to instructions in the Other Attachments and Appendices section.
    • The number of required other attachments is reduced:
      • Only two attachments are required: recruitment plan to enhance diversity and the baseline data on the trainee pool.
      • Two attachments are now optional: advisory committee and training activities.
      • All other attachments from the previous NOFO have been eliminated. Please note that no other attachments may be included in this section, or the application will be withdrawn without review.
    • Requirements for appendices have been eliminated. Applications may only contain appendices that are allowed according to the SF424 Application Guide. Applications that contain any additional appendices will be withdrawn without review.
    • Applicants may incorporate information previously allowed in the attachments and appendices (for example, retention plans, trainee data collection and storage, conflict resolution protocols) into the training program plan as indicated in the NOFO.
  • New language to encourage the following:
    • Faculty training and resources for trainees with disabilities.
    • Trainee feedback, climate evaluation, and confidentiality considerations when evaluating the program.
    • Program director’s/principal investigators’ involvement with day-to-day activities, including trainee interactions.
    • Program oversight, including trainee development, progress, and mentor/mentee relationships.
  • New language to clarify that training programs are typically not considered human subjects research.
  • Research training program-specific instructions in the Facilities and Other Resources section.

First application due date: January 25, 2024
Earliest start date: July 2025

If you have questions about this NOFO, please contact Mercedes Rubio.

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