Comment on the Need for Support of Membrane Protein Structure Determination

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Membrane proteins and large macromolecular assemblies are important targets for understanding cell function and for drug discovery, but their characterization presents unique technical challenges. We’re considering how best to help researchers meet these challenges.

To give the biomedical research community the opportunity to offer comments on this topic, we have just issued a request for information (RFI). We want your opinion on the most effective methods for the determination of membrane protein and large macromolecular assembly structures and/or the need for new tools to aid in structure determination of these proteins or protein complexes.

We’d also like to know your thoughts on:

  • Challenges and opportunities in this area.
  • Novel approaches.
  • Possible collaborative efforts.
  • What can be accomplished by a single principal investigator and what can be accomplished by a multi-investigator program.
  • Tools or technologies that would improve the quality or throughput of membrane protein structure determination.
  • Strategies to accelerate progress in this area.
  • Any other comments that you feel are relevant to this subject.

To respond to the RFI, send an e-mail to by July 20.

If you have any specific questions about the RFI, please let me know.

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