Resource Spotlight: Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Program


If you use genetically modified mice or work on a gene in another model organism for which a homolog exists in mice, the Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Program (KOMP2) may benefit your research. It’s a resource that generates mice carrying specific genetic mutations and systematically phenotypes them according to uniform, high quality-control standards.

KOMP2 targets a range of phenotypes in order to improve the chances of gaining preliminary insights into the function(s) of genes that influence multiple traits, including targeting genes for which no information is currently available. The resource also captures negative results and disseminates them broadly. It examines male and female mice and provides data down to the individual mouse level.

KOMP2 is a partnership between most NIH institutes, centers, and offices; the NIH Director’s Common Fund; and funding organizations from several countries.

I encourage you to use the resource to further explore phenotypes of interest. You can find and order genetically altered mice and related materials, such as targeting vectors, embryonic stem cells and germ plasm, through the KOMP Repository. You can use the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium database Link to external web site to search for gene, phenotype and/or disease data.

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