Human Biospecimen Collections for Sepsis Research


At the September meeting of our National Advisory Council, I presented a concept clearance for our next step in response to the recommendations of the working group on sepsis. The videocast of the presentation is now available.

A screenshot of Dr. Rochelle Long's Advisory Council presentation.

Watch the sepsis concept clearance at the September Advisory Council meeting.

We developed this concept after evaluating feedback from the scientific community in response to our Request for Information (RFI): Strategies to Support Acquisition and Use of Biospecimens for Research on Sepsis in Humans (NOT-GM-19-057). The RFI asked for input on patient populations to study, materials that might be useful, barriers to research in this field, existing repositories, emerging technologies, and lessons learned from previous efforts.

The goals of the funding concept approved by our Council include:

  • Determining the value of existing biospecimen sets for sepsis research
  • Piloting new approaches for collection and analysis of biospecimens
  • Establishing best practices for sharing biospecimens, along with associated clinical and research data
  • Setting standards for future work in the field

I encourage you to watch the videocast and to stay tuned to this blog for future announcements about our sepsis research program.

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