NIGMS Administrative Supplements for Helium Recovery Systems


As we did last year, we’re offering administrative supplements to NIGMS-funded awards for the purchase of helium recovery systems.

The deadline for these supplement applications is March 30, 2020.

All the provisions of NOT-GM-20-013 apply, except that the types of eligible NIGMS-funded parent awards include P20, P30, P41, R01, R35, R37, and RM1 awards. To submit an administrative supplement application for helium recovery systems, follow all instructions in NOT-GM-20-013, with the following additions:

  • Up to two NIGMS grantees with projects that make use of helium-cooled instruments may apply separately for a combined total of up to $250,000.
  • The biosketches of the program directors/principal investigators (PIs) and the person who will maintain the helium recovery system should be included; for the latter, describe other institutional duties and commitments.
  • The budget justification should include:
    • Average volume of helium used annually
    • Average annual cost of helium
    • Anticipated volume that will be recaptured
    • Typical efficiency of the helium recovery system
  • The research strategy section should include:
    • List of instruments that will be integrated into the helium recovery system, including the magnetic field strength and design (e.g., pumped magnet or not)
    • List of other NIGMS-funded PIs (and grant numbers) who routinely use the instruments
    • List of future maintenance needs and how this cost will be covered
  • A letter should be included from the institution describing how any initial costs not covered by the supplement will be paid.

Eligible investigators are highly encouraged to contact me to discuss potential requests before submitting an application.

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