Funding Opportunity: Modules for Enhancing Biomedical Research Workforce Training


We’re pleased to announce a new notice of special interest (NOSI) (NOT-GM-23-031) associated with PAR-20-296, modules for enhancing biomedical research workforce training (R25). The NOSI requests applications to develop biomedical research training modules on one of the following topics:

  • Wellness and resiliency: effectively providing individuals with the knowledge and skills to enhance their wellness, resiliency, and ultimate success during their research training.
  • Structural racism and discrimination: addressing harassment, intimidation, and other forms of structural racism and discrimination to reduce disparities in recruitment, retention, and success and to promote access, inclusion, equity, and accessibility in the research training environment. Modules should focus on how to create optimized research training environments where all participants feel safe, respected, and supported.
  • Safe research training environments: catalyzing a strong culture of responsibility and obligation to maintain high standards for physical, chemical, and biological safety.
  • Program evaluation capacity: developing evaluation capacity by informing program directors and administrators about effective and practical approaches to evaluate biomedical research training programs at their institutions.

The application deadline is June 19, 2023, and only one topic may be addressed per application.

The proposed modules should 1.) benefit individuals from a broad range of scientific disciplines and career stages; 2.) result in meaningful, sustained change in training programs; and 3.) cover material not typically taught as part of the current institutional coursework. They can take many different formats and approaches and should be timely, informative, engaging, easily accessible, and free to the research training community. Because of the complex nature of these topics, we encourage you to include a subject matter expert(s) as part of the investigator team.

As indicated in the NOSI, these are the only four topics eligible for funding this year under the training modules funding opportunity announcement (FOA). More details are available in the FOA and associated NOSI. Stay tuned for future NIGMS topics of interest and subsequent due dates by subscribing to our Feedback Loop blog. To view previously funded modules on enhancing rigor, transparency, and reproducibility, visit the NIGMS clearinghouse.

If you have questions about this funding opportunity, please contact Kalynda Gonzales Stokes.

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